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Attention, Fellow Visionary Leader! Ready to make both a bigger difference
and a more abundant living?

when you share them with the world.

reaching-for-sunYou have a unique spark of divinity within you –

a unique-to-you, divine blend of gifts and talents –

that I call your SIGNATURE GENIUS

which not only lights you up when you express it,

but also makes up your unique contribution to the world.

More than that – your own genius (yes, YOU have it)

is the most valuable, one-of-a-kind asset

you already possess – and it is meant not only to bless the world,

but to naturally bring you prosperity when you share it.

But it’s highly likely you’re NOT leveraging it
(or even fully aware of it).

julie-ann-turner-bio-graphicI know, after guiding more than 1,000 of your fellow thought leaders

and emerging visionaries across the globe to prosper

from packaging and sharing their own SIGNATURE GENIUS –

to make both significant income and world-changing impact …

… and, as author of the International Bestseller GENESIS OF GENIUS,

and host of the global ConsciousSHIFT Show (680,000 followers and growing),

where I talk with global visionaries daily (like Marianne Williamson,

Barbara Marx Hubbard, Seth Godin, Dan Pink, Don Miquel Ruiz and many others).



Now, it is possible for you to not only discover your own unique genius – but also be shown exactly how:

  • to bring your big vision into reality,
  • to package and share that genius with your own unique style,
  • to inspire your tribe, and
  • to make the impact and income you desire and deserve
    by serving the world at your highest level of potential.

Introducing GENESIS OF GENIUS: Fastest Path to Prosper



The full price of this Course is $997 – and the value of all the videos, audios, visual tools, checklists, and guides –
designed to shortcut your time to prosper from sharing your genius by months and likely years – easily adds up to more than $7300.

However, because I promised my cherished friend and fellow visionary Steve Farrell that I would do something very special for Humanity’s Team (and because I’ve loved, supported and promoted Humanity’s Team for years) – when you sign up for GENESIS OF GENIUS today (the Course begins Tues., Oct. 18) your investment will only be $397 – which is 60 % OFF the full price today, you SAVE $600.

And, you can get started today for only $147 – with our easy 3-pay option – less than the price of a daily cup of Starbucks will give you the lifetime of fulfillment, joy and contribution you’ve been waiting to experience all your life.

In GENESIS OF GENIUS, you will be guided step by step, surrounded by support, encouragement and feedback – so you succeed like your fellow visionary students – and today, you SAVE $600.

Click here to see the Modules and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

See “Frequently Asked Questions” on Course Dates, Support and more, below.


Just for a moment, I want you to imagine…
making the contribution to the world (impact), and receiving the abundance (income) that is yours to claim, by doing what you were divinely and uniquely designed to do.

More specifically, you know exactly how to creatively craft YOUR God-given gifts and one-of-a-kind blend of genius into joyful, aligned streams of income – with ease and flow…
as you inspire your ideal tribe of loyal followers to make their unique contribution, too.

It may sound like a dream – but it’s absolutely possible. For you. Now.

In fact, for so many of your fellow visionary leaders across the globe – it is a day-to-day, joy-full experience of their dreams becoming real.

martin-austinTake Martin – all his life, he admired the basketball and baseball players who did what they loved, and got paid well for it. He says:

“It seems like I’ve never found that exclusive passion, and I’ve been seeking that for years. But now that you drew it out of me, so I can see it objectively, right before me – with head and heart – I finally see the value in what I enjoy … so that would be MY baseball, that’s MY basketball. It feels great – and it’s motivating. Your Course and book helped me make a quantum leap.” ~ Martin Austin, Baltimore


rita-payeurAnd from Rita Payeur, owner of Maturessence in Montreal, who is now speaking globally in France, Morroco, India, and more – who said:

“A year ago I was dreaming that I would be where I am today. It is the power of the Arc of creation and the magic of your guidance, Julie Ann, plus the magic and support of the group.”


anna-barczay-sloan-smAnd Anna Barczay Sloan, an author and artist, says….

“I must say how much I am blown away by the excellence of this Course in every way. Pure Genius (what a pun, ha ha …) Your material waaay exceeds my expectations!” ~ Anna Barczay Sloan



anoucheAnouche Babayan, Co-Owner, Evolution ABC, Paris, France, says:

“You’ve helped me earn 10 TIMES what I was previously charging for the same program …
And prior to working with you, Julie Ann, getting a client once took me 2 months …
I just now met with a CEO, and it only took 5 minutes – at this higher level.”


sophieAnother from Sophie Valicon, in Paris:

“Since we began, I’ve created new packages for CEOs – Iíve TRIPLED my fees, and I’m getting new clients!
I also just crafted a proposal for $50,000 – the most I’ve ever charged …
It’s really great work, a great joy – and it’s FUN!”



gay-enrightAnd from Gay Enright, in Pittsboro, NC:

“With your magic wand you Julie Ann you: Moved those beautiful butterflies that were fluttering in my head into formation. Pulled wondrous words out of thin air and fashioned them into my core message. And whisked away the swirling tornado of potential ways to move forward, and simplified them into 3 steps. You also told me a very important secret truth about how to recognize the lies I tell myself, the ones that knock me off my path. Then you generously gave me a magic wand too so I can transform them into positive energy.”


catharine-hayAnd finally, from Catharine Hay in San Lorenzo, California:

“Signing up for this GENESIS OF GENIUS turned out to be the best gift ever. This Course has changed my life.”



These fellow visionaries across the globe started just like you and me – and they took action, followed the simple, powerful and clear steps in GENESIS OF GENIUS – and got the results.



Up until now, our research shows this has been a challenge – even for giving, heart-centered, visionary leaders – simply because of ONE of these “genius blocks”:

This is for you if:

1) You don’t know what your Signature Genius is or don’t fully recognize the value of it (RECOGNIZE)

2) You have tons of gifts, interests and ideas, but no way to organize them into a unified business or signature body of work (ORGANIZE)

3) You don’t know how to monetize (package and offer) your genius (MONETIZE)

4) You have a Big Vision, but can’t seem to get your message and movement out in the world (ACTUALIZE)

Any ONE of these ring true for you?

And along with that, our research also shows that all of us – especially leaders with a big message and vision to share –
also face inner blocks (fears, doubts, limiting beliefs) on their path to achieve their full potential – especially when trying to do it alone.

That’s what has kept so many visionaries – and maybe even you – stalled for years –

  • not feeling fulfilled and joyful,
  • searching outside yourself for the answers
    (when the answer – your purpose and the source of your prosperity – is already within you) …
  • not fully sharing your gifts,
  • under-earning for the value you provide,
  • not contributing to the world as you were born to do.

But now, ALL of these blocks have been dissolved –
and the clear path to your dream awaits …
with GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper.

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You’ve been dreaming of this your WHOLE LIFE … All this sounds great – but …
it’s been almost impossible to make it happen … until now.

Now is your chance to CHOOSE from today forward to live from – and profit from – your unique genius.


In 45 days or less, YOU will have everything you need – including
your unique, customized-to-you visual map – to RECOGNIZE, ORGANIZE
and MONETIZE your Life’s Work – matched to your Signature Genius.

joyful-woman-smThis is about actualizing your big vision – and all the little ones you cherish, too.

Your business, your products, your guidance, your message for the world, your book, speaking at TEDx or across the globe …
whatever you’re envisioning – there is a clear, proven, step-by-step sequence to turn your specific vision into reality – so you are LIVING it, not just DREAMING IT.

  • You can feel and see it IS possible …
    to live and prosper from sharing your genius.
  • You’ve tried so many times on your own …

We know from our survey research you likely already have spent years trying to discover exactly what YOUR genius and life purpose is – you’ve read books, taken assessments (like Strengthfinders, Myers-Briggs, DISC, etc.), even consulted psychologists, and a multitude of other methods …

However, something is still missing.

You want to know clearly – and once and for all – what your unique genius is.

World needs your genius –

You can DO this …
You were BORN TO DO THIS …


GENESIS OF GENIUS: Fastest Path to Prosper will guide you, step by step, to:

1) Discover of your own Signature Genius – the most valuable, unique asset you already possess (thus, the key to fulfilling your life’s purpose, potential and profitability), and the only way to stand out.

2) A clear visual, step-by-step Prosperity Map – not only for your most immediate, profit-generating project(s) – but also for your Life’s Great Work – your unique Body of Work.

3) A simple-but-powerful, customized plan of action to increase your income by 2-10 times (real-world results) – Guidance to identify the TOP 3 WAYS – specific to your unique genius – for you to monetize your unique gifts and value, with a clear, step-by-step plan to package and offer your first (and then second, and so on) genius-generated, income-producing product, service or event to your ideal audience.

Click here to see the Modules and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

See “Frequently Asked Questions” on Course Dates, Support and more, below.


From my heart, Visionary Leader,

Not only can I show you how to finally identify YOUR Signature Genius and true Value … for years I’ve walked the path myself.

You see, I know the fear, the uncertainties and doubts, the frustration and failure of trial & error, the struggles (and limits) of trading hours for dollars, and the mistakes of trying to do it all alone …

I did it the HARD WAY.

In the process of discovering and living out my life’s purpose … I discovered the secrets and the specific step-by-step sequence that I used to create my own successful business, and that enables ALL thought leaders and visionaries not only to create the impact AND income that supports them, but to create success after epic success.

My path wasn’t always easy.

But now I know how to guide YOU – step by step – to experience and enjoy your own prosperous path to make the impact and income you desire and deserve.

I’d love to show you not only how you can experience the life-changing difference this makes – right now …
And also how you can live from your GENIUS every day, and enjoy the flow of PROSPERITY that brings, today and every day, from this day forward.





get started nowP. S. – You can search all you want (and, you have been). But the truth is, you simply won’t find a more complete, step-by-step Course to guide you to PROSPER from sharing the GENIUS already within you.

Based on a proven, powerful and profitable Success System that has guided literally hundreds of other fellow visionaries – a proven system you can trust, in any and every moment – to generate prosperity from your greatest asset – your own genius.

Why would you wait one moment longer to step into your dream?

GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper reveals exactly how to turn your gifts into gold – over and over again … from success to success.
Reserve your space now! (Seats are filling NOW.)

P. P. S. – You know you’ve got the GIFTS. You know those you serve need your GREAT WORK.

How many more days can you keep your greatest contribution to yourself – hiding your LIGHT from the world?

GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper brings your Great Work into the LIGHT, so those who are waiting for your GENIUS can see it – and recognize it.

And reward it.

You’re just one click away from claiming your GENIUS, and changing your life – get started now!


1. When does the Course start?

The GENESIS OF GENIUS Course starts Tuesday, Oct. 18 (recorded 5 weekly Course Modules + Live Mentor Labs, available each week, for 8 consecutive Tuesdays).

2. How do I access the Course?

Our 5 Class Sessions are available, on demand – with GENESIS OF GENIUS set up as a dynamic, interactive course, combining both proven, recorded weekly video GENESIS OF GENIUS Classes and interactive tools to guide you, step by step – so you can access the Course on your own schedule and benefit from each step at your own pace. In addition, the Course includes 2 Live GENIUS-TO-PROFIT LAB Mentor Sessions, with live Q&A and “Hot Seats” (also recorded).

Second, you will receive access to the 5 GENESIS OF GENIUS Course Modules one (1) week at a time, so you move forward step by step in flow, and are never overwhelmed. Our students have confirmed this allows them an ideal amount of time to complete the weekly action steps provided in each Module – so you experience clear and consistent progress and results throughout the Course (see all Modules and complete Course Schedule here).

3. What if I’m traveling … or can’t make all the sessions live?

Each weekly Module and Live Lab in the GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper Course is recorded, downloadable and accessible to you 24/7, in our private Course Discovery Center, so you may watch your Class Modules and download your tools whenever you want.

Each Course Module is available to you each Tuesday, in our private Course Discovery Center – where you also will be able to ask questions and get answers about the content in each Module, as you progress. Each steps builds on the next to ensure and accelerate your success, to enable you to discover and monetize your unique genius.

4. What about the Live Mentor Sessions?

We wanted to make the timing of our two (2) Live Profit Lab Sessions available to as many of our global followers as possible – so we set the Sessions at midday U.S. time (1 p.m. US Central), which will be evening for our European participants.

You will receive advance notice prior to our two (2) Live GENIUS-TO-PROFIT LAB Live Mentor Sessions – so you may submit your questions in advance (and you can access each Lab via recording, if for any reason you cannot attend live) – and also so that you have the opportunity to apply for one of the two live “Hot Seat” live mentoring spots available for each Live PROFIT LAB.

5. Will I get copies of all the slides and materials?

Yes. You will get permanent access to all Course resources – including all videos, audios, interactive tools and bonuses – each easily accessible in the Discovery Center for you to download.

6. Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! Not only do you receive a one-time, full $600 discount (expires Monday, Oct. 17, 12 a.m. US EST) right now for the Course – with an affordable $397 one-time payment, or you may get started for only $147 with an easy 3-pay option (either available through PayPal or credit card). After this class starts Tuesday, the Course investment will return to $997 (with the full value of the Course components at $7,358).

7. What kind of support can I count on?

This Course gives you all the support you need – step-by-step guidance in each Class module – with my personal guidance through the videos, audios and tools, a Q&A section in each Module, the 2 Live Mentor Labs with “Hot Seats” and live Q&A (and you may submit Questions in advance, as well), plus our interactive Private Online Facebook Community – where I’ll be answering questions and providing additional guidance, and you’ll also receive feedback, encouragement and support from your fellow visionary students throughout the Course.

If you’re ready to transform your gifts into both significant Impact and well-deserved Income, this is exactly the step-by-step guidance and support you’ve been seeking. Click here to enroll in GENESIS OF GENIUS now – and we’ll apply this proven, repeatable system to visually map out the customized-to-you path that leads directly, and with ease and flow, to the exact success you’ve been envisioning all your life!

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